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Gary B. Simon


Fast, Reliable & Smart IT Solutions
I believe in "Client First" Method...


  • IT Support Expert
  • Hardware & Software
  • Network maintenance
  • Hosting & Domain name
  • Cloud Services
  • Linux System Admin


  • Wordpress Websites
  • Webshop build
  • Docker Applications
  • Custom web applications
  • Custom Codes
  • Software Automatization

3D Printing

  • Build & Maintenance 3D Printers
  • 3D Printing
  • 3D Modelling
  • Slice jobs

Time Windows are this time closed for a while...

I'm busy now. 
Next free date is mid April 2021.

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Remote Support and Device Management provided by ITARIAN

Remote Support and Device Management powered by ITARIAN from Comodo

IT Consulting, Software Automatization, IT Process Automatization, IT Support, Webdesign, IT Solutions, IoT, Webserver, Network, Wireless, 3D Print, Network Management, Server Management, Linux Operations, Security Operations
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Existing Customers please use the dedicated Hot-Line Number if you have any Support related problems. Customer service only available via pre-registered accounts. If you doesn't have an Account, please contact with Sales department for Service possibilities in your region.

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